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As Database Marketing professionals, we help you dive deeper into the world of digital marketing and mobilize your existing customer databases.

Database marketing is a special form of marketing. It targets those customers whose information is recorded in a database.

In other words, customers with whom there has already been some form of initial contact in the past. The information collected in this database serves as the basis for the marketing method. The form of the available data can be very different. This can include, for example, names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and transaction data.

But qualitative data, such as preferences, can also be stored. Database marketing can therefore be used for various purposes.

These range from simply establishing contact to the specific adaptation of the product to concrete customer wishes.

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The importance Database-Marketing

Make use of what you already have!

Many companies and their marketing managers have more customer data available today than ever before. This brings database marketing to the forefront to exploit the potential that arises from this data. Database marketing helps to create a unified view of the customer across all touchpoints, and the relationship between company and customer can be made more efficient.

What are the goals of Database-Marketing?

Database marketing aims to achieve a number of objectives. These include the following in particular:

Use of Database-Marketing in practice

Database-Marketing is very often used in online trade. It is easy for a company to track which items a customer has already ordered from it. If it is a certain product group, such as shoes or trousers, it is very likely that this customer will order goods from the same product group again from this company.

Based on the information stored in the database about the customer, the company can now better tailor and personalise advertising to the customer, increasing the likelihood that the customer will eventually choose the company again when purchasing a product from the product group if the advertising is suitable.

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