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Creative Team

Meet Our team.

Klaus Wilken

GM | Marketing & Video Production

Klaus is in the Media since 30 years. He started his career as a journalist working for newspapers. Next step was 5 years in the Radio industry, setting up a news-syndication radio network for 50 local radio stations in Germany, a local radio station plus Radio FFH, which till today is among the Top 3 most successful and profitable radio stations of Germany. During the following 20 years in TV broadcast he set up the private TV station Pro7, which is the No 2 radio station in Germany.

After leaving Pro7 in 1994 he founded his own Mediahouse, called MediaWork TV. After 10 successful years and having produced hundreds of documentaries worldwide he transformed MediaWork TV into MediaWork Communications because he understood very early that the media industry will completely and very quickly shift to the internet. Now he and his son Tim transformed the company into MediaWork-Digital which focuses in the digital industry.

Klaus is holding an MBA in Political Science, Economy, Sociology and he studied Sports on the side.

His hobbies: to mentor his son, Tim; Volleyball; Squash; Motor-Biking; Politics and reading non fiction … whatever crosses his way.

Tim Wilken

GM | Web Design & Graphics Solutions

Tim is a project manager, very competent web developer and works hand in hand with the marketing department at MediaWork-Digital. Besides that Tim has expertise in Search Engine Optimization.

Media is in his blood as well as both his parents worked in the media industry for many years. Tim held his first camera in his hands when he was only 4 years old and today is keen in video as well as audio editing. Since the early days he has had a different perspective of the media industry.

Furthermore Tim has been a DJ since 6 years and is known as DJ Nekliw. Tim is a very outgoing person and does everything to understand our clients.

Tim went to German School in Nairobi for 14 years after which he is currently studying Digital Business Management in Germany. Together with his farther Klaus he runs MediaWork-Digital. 

His hobbies are: Sports of all kind such as basketball; volleyball; swimming; squash, expanding his expertise in the digital industry and playing music as a DJ.

Lucy Otieno


Lucy is in charge of all online marketing strategies. Together with James she is constantly thinking outside the box to bring the team forward with a clients project. Above that she is a very friendly person and always has something to contribute.

Her hobbies: Spending time with friends and going for walks.

Thomas Onyango

App Development

Thomas is one of the most experienced app developers in Kenya. In one of his previous engagements he worked for Harbour Capital, he supervised the development of a very comprehensive messenger app, called BUSHFIRE.

His hobbies: spending time with his family and going on as many day-trips as possible.

Natasha Mwangi

Database Setup

Natasha is our database expert. She is absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable in this field. Above that she always brings a smile onto the faces of her collogues.

Her hobbies: jogging

Charles Adan

Graphics Solutions

Charles is the graphic designer at MediaWork-Digital. He is very skilled in this department and we are always delighted to get amazing feedback from the clients he has worked with. Furthermore he is a very friendly guy and helps his colleagues wherever he can.

His hobbies: Rugby, going on trips with his friends and riding his motorbike.

Raychel Achieng

Video Production

Raychel is part of the video and audio production department. Her previous engagements were with Citizen and Nation TV. She has a very good eye for media and works hand in hand with Klaus.

Her hobbies: Cooking and going for walks.

James Mohamed

Database Setup

James makes a great team with Natasha. Together they are our database experts. James has his way of thinking outside the box. He gives clients problems a whole new perspective which eases the process of solving it immensely.

His hobbies: Tennis and swimming.

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