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We develop websites and online shops that turn visitors into customers – with creativity, technical know-how and enthusiasm.

As a web design agency, we design and develop compelling websites. We translate business goals into web design strategies and thus help companies of all sizes to succeed.

We conceptualise, design and develop your website, landing page or online shop. With or without CMS, in system-independent development or as an individually created prototype.

Whether you are a medium-sized company, a corporate group or a start-up, our agile approach allows us to respond quickly and, above all, flexibly to your wishes.

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Web design encompasses the visual design of a website, including the pages it contains and their links.

Designing for multiple devices is now more important than ever. Our Responsive Design ensures that all website content is displayed consistently and error-free across desktop, tablet & mobile devices.


Web development

Web development is the functionality behind the website.

In essence, it is the programming, or rather the maintenance and further development of a website.

Web development often revolves around the basic structure of the website. This begins with the selection of the appropriate server and the installation of the content management system.



UX design sometimes ensures that users always know where they are within the website and how to get to the desired content.

This applies not only to the structure and design of individual pages, but also in particular to the linking of the individual sections, which must follow an easily comprehensible logic.

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Professional Web design:

What’s the point really?

With websites based on the building-block principle, various providers now allow pages to be put together without any programming knowledge, which at first glance look quite attractive.

Unfortunately, these websites usually do not meet the requirements that are placed on a commercially used website today.
Even if the building blocks of a website construction kit are designed according to modern principles, this does not necessarily apply to the end result, especially not in comparison to professionally designed and programmed websites.

Best web design from a single source

A professionally created website requires expert knowledge in numerous areas. We cover all the necessary measures for you and offer you a holistic service in the development of your website. The expertise of our staff includes the following areas:

Full service agency for web design

Today’s network culture is multimedia-based and dominated by three different types of devices: Desktop computers (including notebooks), tablet computers and smartphones. Each class of device requires its own individual presentation of internet content. What makes the matter complex is the fact that the communication between user and computer in the different device classes follows their very specific peculiarities.

This results in very different user profiles that must be taken into account in the functionality of the respective website version. Nevertheless, all versions must follow an overriding design principle so that the user immediately recognises the company and the brand after changing devices.

Web design and web development – what’s the difference?

One cannot do without the other – yet the difference should be clear. To take an illustrative example from car construction: Web design is the body. Web development is the engine.

Make web design responsive and user-friendly

Everything within a well-programmed and structured website is designed to motivate the visitor to stay on the website as long as possible and to absorb as much content as possible. With every minute, the chances increase that potential customers will come across exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, everything on the website is geared towards constantly keeping visitors interested and motivating them to look deeper and more extensively and to get in touch.

All elements vying for visitors’ constant attention have conversion in their crosshairs. In marketing, conversion refers to an action by the visitor that is in line with the company’s intention. This can be the purchase of products or services or, for example, the entry in a mailing list. There are some criteria that must be fulfilled in order to achieve this goal:

Less is more: clear and concise design invites you to stay and motivates you to engage with the content. A cluttered page motivates churn – the product message goes unnoticed.

Variety is half the battle: People who want to find out about your offer and may only have limited time to do so need to be informed quickly. The page layout should take this into account: The varied design with text, images, videos, info boxes and graphic elements creates a well-rounded experience.

Create a sense of achievement: Nothing frustrates visitors more than confusing user guidance. Good web design should score points with linear and goal-oriented design. The rule here is: the user journey leads to conversion.
Websites generate leads: Even if your visitors are enthusiastic about the offer, a large part of them will chalk it up as a nice experience and turn to other things. At these points, the clear call to action, also called call-to-action, is key. For example: Get in touch and find out all about your personal web design.

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