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Content Marketing and Copywriting supported by database marketing is the key for success .

To create the right content, you need to know your clients and your target group best “down to the bone”. MediaWork Digital instead of guesswork-marketing prefers doing serious database marketing.

That means, before we offer to just create all kinds of content for your products or services, after having taken a very close look at your existing clients. Who are they? What have they bought from you? When? For how much money? Where are concrete options for upselling? To whom? And how do we best approach this individual client?

This needs a close and detailed look at your clients-database at those points where your clients left a foot print in the past.

Then we create clear buyers-personas. And then our content strategists together with you will start developing a content strategy for existing and new clients which aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience. 

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Why does content marketing matter?

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary — that’s our mantra of successful content.

We will make your content marketing a competitive advantage.

Let the stats tell the story:

  • You will get up to 60% more leads with blogs.
  • As video experts we can offer to communicate your content by videos that will wield an 88% influence on your clients purchasing decisions.

Significance of content marketing in your digital marketing plan

Content marketing enhances customer knowledge, produces leads, and boosts conversions. as the digital era progresses, content has emerged as a crucial component of any marketing approach.

While there are tactics that offer rapid, short-term gains, content marketing holds the capacity to bolster the efficiency of your business over the long haul. executing a content marketing campaign effectively can fortify your digital marketing endeavors.

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Creative Copywriting promotes products for clients to trust a product in e-Commerce.

Our second content product is more detailed: We write most selling product descriptions.

Your product descriptions of your own products got you stumped? Then proper copywriting of really selling product descriptions is the solution.

In the past 4 years, our copywriting department has written around 60,000 product texts and worked on roughly 400,000 photos in the fashion- and sports industry. Should you have more difficult products that do better with so called our vast experience in product- and image-videos and explainer videos we can easily and in a very creative and selling way produce them.

Therefore, our copywriting squad can justifiably claim that we will give your products and services the words they deserve to shine like the diamonds they are. We are specialized in creating bold, quirky, and one-of-a-kind product descriptions.

A stastica report reveals thats 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing as key part of their marketing strategy across industries.

Poor or inadequate product descriptions can have a negative effect on consumer behavior, as shown by the fact that 30% of shoppers leave their carts without buying anything because of them.

Product descriptions are also very important for online shoppers, as 87% of them say they rely on them to make their purchase decisions. This is confirmed by the fact that 64% of consumers have returned products that did not match their descriptions.

The importance of product descriptions

Here are Statistics & Facts;

  • Only 10% of e-commerce sites have product descriptions that meet the expectations of users.
  • 64% of consumers have sent back an online purchase because of a wrong product description.
  • 30% of shoppers give up on their carts because of bad product descriptions.
  • 76% of consumers look for product descriptions when they browse products online, along with reviews and images.
  • 87% of online shoppers say product descriptions are essential for their buying decision.
  • 87% of consumers are not likely to buy again from a site that does not have accurate product descriptions.
  • A product description should have between 305-400 words.
  • 53% of US online customers will drop their purchase if they don’t get a quick answer to a question.

Detailed product descriptions are one of the top 3 factors that affect customer purchase decisions.

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Key important takeaways:

Many e-commerce platforms fall short in product detailing
A notable 10% of e-commerce websites offer product descriptions that don’t adequately meet user requirements, signaling a gap in information provisioning.

Comprehensive product descriptions are crucial for user satisfaction
The insufficiency of descriptions on some platforms underscores the importance of detailed, clear, and comprehensive product information in enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

Businesses risk losing potential sales due to incomplete descriptions
An insufficient product description can lead to user frustration, potential loss of sales, and diminished trust. It’s imperative for e-commerce platforms to regularly evaluate and enhance their content quality to remain competitive.

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Expertise of our team:

Our team at MediaWork Digital brings together diverse talents with a shared passion for excellence in video marketing, database marketing, hospitality marketing, content marketing and medical marketing. With expertise spanning from digital strategy to content creation, our professional team have contributed to numerous successful campaigns, embodying our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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In a world drowning in content, we stands tall as your beacon of uniqueness. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and let the content symphony begin.

Ready, let your expertise shine, and let Mediawork guide your content marketing triumph!

MediaWork Digital is a full stack creative digital marketing agency. 


MediaWork over the years produced uncountable TV documentaries. Besides they did corporate videos for big German brands like the Germanys leading insurer Allian AG, for medical drugs producer Merck AG, cement producers Dyckerhoff AG and many more. MediaWork I know since it opened in 1996 and its up to today always a pleasure working on content projects with them we want to outsource.



MediaWork Digital very reliably produced content for around 350 websites for the German Falken Verlag, a big publisher in “How to-Books” in Germany. MediaWork brought our whole portfolio online. They are in the online industry from as early as the mid 90ties and grew with the online industry.



MediaWork produced successfully weekly TV shows for Discovery Channels German affiliate DMAX, when I was responsible at that TV station for Non Fiction content. MediaWork is always deadly reliable and very quick in delivery. They are capable to produce good content on shoestring budgets. Klaus I know since our radio days in the late 80ies when he as one of the Heads of Content at private Hit Radio FFH, which is among the most profitable radio stations in Germany up to today.



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