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Klaus Wilken

Founder MediaWork Digital

“At our digital marketing agency, MediaWork Digital, we pride ourselves on being different from other agencies in the market. We offer a comprehensive, one-stop solutions for your businesses if you want to grow. Our team has a unique combination of deep technical skills and human understanding that allows us to effectively target and reach audiences while also crafting messages that resonate with them. Instead of working with multiple suppliers, each focused on their own specialty, you’ll have access to a dedicated and experienced multi-skilled international team who are fully committed to your success.

Every project we undertake starts by consulting with clients to understand the core aspects of their business—competition, challenges, and immediate marketing requirements. Our team prolific and creative writers, editors, designers, web and video producers and marketers has worked diligently on a vast number of integrated marketing projects. We enjoy a reputation for being flexible, cooperative, and committed to delivering quality and good-value products, services, and solutions to the entire satisfaction of our clients.

Lucy Odhiambo

Career Building Academy

Tim Wilken

Tik Tok Consulting

Charles Adan

Hospitality Marketing

Thomas Onyango

Content Creation

Natasha Mwangi

Database Marketing

Henry Nzau

Video Marketing

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