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“At MediaWork Digital, we understand that your appearance in videos and on camera can make or break your performance. 

Our team of video- and TV broadcast experts over the last three decades has produced thousands of video-hours, has created hundreds of image videos, has coached many news-anchors, and reporters from the broadcast industry as well as managers of big corporates to become confident and self-conscious in front of a camera.

Here are only some examples of our wide portfolio. Have fun watching and then feel free to call me for a free consultation on you ideas and needs on video marketing.”

Klaus Wilken, CEO MediaWork Digital

Klaus Wilken (2)


MediaWorks experience is the history of 40 years successfully creating content in video, audio- and text-formats – is it for radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting or online content as well as online marketing. 

Corporate videos

Our vast expertise in producing corporate videos over the last 30 years has truly made brand’s products and services shine. Our creative team and its motivating, and sales-driven approach is simply mesmerizing. We eg do marketing for Medtrails, a facilitator for Medical Tourism Services in Turkey. Like for them we produce captivating corporate videos for big brands and for those on a budget, because we are at home in both worlds, turning every project into a visual and emotional masterpiece. Watch the MEDTRAILS showreel.

Art meets Video

Creativity as well as technical know-how allows us to design and produce campaigns, spots and animations of all kinds for corporates, … like in this case for a brand called “Kinowelt Medien AG” where we asked a graffiti sprayer in a studio to spray the posters for the brands Hollywood “block busters” the movie distributor had in his portfolio on a huge canvas. The result was great art and an even bigger artwork in the post-production.

Entertainment TV-Shows of all kinds 

The Arabella Show was a popular daytime talk show that aired on the German private TV station Pro 7 from 1994 to 2004. Hosted by Arabella Kiesbauer, the show featured a mix of celebrity interviews, human interest stories, and controversial topics, often focusing on relationships, sexuality, and social issues.

Fish & Fun was a wacky TV show that aired on the German private TV station DMAX, an affiliate of Discovery Channel, featuring the hilarious host and fishing pro Auwa Thiemann (✝) as he travelled Europe in search of interesting fishes. Because of Thiemann’s unique humour, Fish & Fun quickly became a cult favourite show among fishing enthusiasts.

Investigative News/Shows

For different TV stations in Germany, MediaWork’s founder Klaus Wilken developed and set up successful TV formats. All formats were about investigative worldwide collected content.

“Die Redaktion” was a news magazine show on private German TV station RTL2, with a more lighthearted and irreverent tone, focusing on crime stories.

Featuring investigative reports, from crime to politics was the news magazine show “Die Reporter” on leading German private TV station Pro 7. 

Long Documentaries: Diving with sharks on the Bahamas

Sharks swim behind their bad reputation. With his submarine shocker “Jaws,” Steven Spielberg anchored the intelligent sea creatures in people’s minds as man-killing monsters. For “Pro 7 – Die Reportage” MediaWork founder Klaus Wilken with shark scientist Dr. Erich Ritter went diving with sharks without any cage at the Bahamas of Florida and cleared up old “shark hats” to show that the myth of killer sharks has nothing to do with reality.

With Mercenaries in the Amazon: The Foreign Legion in French Guyana

Barely 2 meters visibility, snakes, tormenting parasites. Swamps, riverbeds and dense vegetation make progress a strain. The men are completely soaked for days. Drying their clothes is unthinkable 95 percent humidity. In this inhospitable environment live the mercenaries of the 3rd Regiment of the French Foreign Legion. MediaWork’s founder Klaus Wilken for “K1 – Die Reportage” for 2 weeks accompanied the training of the legendary military troop in the deepest jungle of French Guyana.

street kids2-cropped2

The Streetkids of Rio de Janeiro 

Ruthless death squads in the 90ies in Rio de Janeiro were killing homeless children paid by shopkeepers and wealthy citizens who viewed them as threats to public safety and commerce, pretending these kids were following criminal activities. These jobs often were done by police men, because their salary was so low and many officers saw this second job as a welcomed supplement to their financial needs. For “Pro7-Die Reporter” MediaWork’s founder Klaus Wilken followed a local police reporter to uncover some of these crimes.

Way of the warrior

For Centuries people all over the world have been fascinated by the Martial Arts. This is because of the inherent drama and aesthetics of the movements, and because of the philosophy and wisdom of the doctrines. Modern fitness gurus, however, neglect mind and spirit, and what is left is often only the physical training. For “Pro 7 – Die Reportage” MediaWork’s founder Klaus Wilken followed for 2 weeks Tae Yun Kim, a 50 year old Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do and Ki-energy, in California’s Redwood Forst teaches such a way of life-life training of body, mind and spirit together in total harmony.

40 years of Content Marketing

For the last 4 years MediaWork Digital was producing content for one of the biggest German sports houses, Sports Schuster, based in Munich. Our team of dedicated copywriters wrote around 60,000 product descriptions for the e-Commerce shop of our client abut fashion and all kinds of sporting goods. Plus we worked on roughly 300,000 photos for this online shop.

Podcasts- & Radio Production

Radio Broadcasting we did long before the idiom  “Podcast” was even invented. After creating content for newspapers and print-magazines MediaWork Digital founder, Klaus Wilken and his crews in the 80ies set up 2 very successful radio stations in Germany which up to today, 35 and almost 40 years later, are still sucessful “on air”.

"Radio FFH"

One of the 3 most successful radio radio stations in Germany since 1989. The MediaWork Founder was part of the managing team, that set up this radio station.

"Unser Radio"

A local radio station in Lower-Bavaria, on air since 1986. Here MediaWork founder was Editor in Chief.

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