Statistically proven:

Products and services with videos sell 30% better

Feeling like your brand’s voice is lost in the noise? Amp it up with video marketing! Why is digital video marketing crucial, you ask? Let’s explore the compelling reasons why data-driven video marketing is the boost your brand needs.

Imagine gripping your audience’s attention with the allure of video content—it’s not merely information about your products and services; it’s an engaging journey through your brand’s narrative, keeping viewers hooked on every development.

Consider the importance of trust. It’s what keeps customers loyal. Videos act as trust magnified, offering a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing the people behind the brand, and converting skeptics into enthusiasts.

Now, onto the impact—video marketing, fueled by the latest trends, skyrockets conversions like a blockbuster hit. It’s the magic ingredient that transforms watchers into customers, enhancing engagement and SEO, and placing your brand in the spotlight of Google’s search results. More secrets about video marketing here.

Dive deeper into the power of video:

Discover how our video marketing services can amplify your brands voice

Besides for documentaries, series and TV shows broadcasting worldwide there are plenty of different industries we in the past 40 years were working for successfully in terms of video marketing and content marketing. Here are only some examples that will illustrate the range:

One of these industries is the Hospitality Industry

Here, everything revolves around the perfect customer experience. Our data-based and data-driven Hospitality Marketing strategies combined with our video expertise ensure your hotel, restaurant, or club remains top-of-mind and top-of-choice. 

With our innovative approach, we create unforgettable narratives that capture the essence of your brand, making every guest’s journey an enchanting story they yearn to revisit and share.

We furthermore prescribe clinics and doctors tailored Marketing Solutions for the Medical Industry.

 Understanding the unique challenges and sensitivities of healthcare, our team passionately crafts strategies that resonate with the hearts and minds of your patients. 

We blend expertise with empathy, ensuring that your message not only reaches but also deeply connects with those in need of your care. Trust us to elevate your medical practice into a beacon of hope and excellence.

For Corporate Brand Awareness our handwriting ranges from creative art to practicalism. Here is a creative presentation video of Kinowelt Medien AG, a leading movie distributor in Germany. 

We found a very talented graffiti sprayer who in a studio sprayed scenes of huge blockbusters Kinowelt back then was having in their portfolio one by one onto a huge canvas. In the end, a monster portrait of 18 x 9ft (6 x 3m) was designed. 

Here are some more work examples.

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Utilize your existing clients before you think of new ones:

Need tailored customer insights? Explore our database marketing solutions for data-driven success

Video marketing must be data-based and not only cute snippets.

You might ask: What makes your marketing special?

The answer is simple: We do data-based marketing only.

Only when you know your clients and target group/s 100% you are able to target them with offers and dedicated engaging content.

Let us assist you to set up or finetune your database! It’s a goldmine you are sitting on: Scientific surveys show, that making best use of your client’s data will increase sales by 27%. 

Try that with new clients in the same time! No chance. These 27% go on top of the fact that products with videos are selling better by 30%! We develop strategies that reach your clients and their needs. 

Here is what we will do for you.

Content is King

Unleash your brand's potential with our expert content marketing strategies

Our Content Marketing is multi-layered. Of course we can create compelling campaigns in text-form only.  

Just that our TV background allows us to craft video content that elevates your brand. So, why not immediately make your brand the blockbuster it’s meant to be?

We create compelling narratives in text-, audio and video-form that convert for any kind of target groups. With our wide range of content creation capabilities, we are your end-to-end solution.

Digital Marketing Toolkit:

Equip yourself with the best: Check out our comprehensive digital marketing toolkit

MediaWork Digital is a full stack digital marketing agency with a vast of experience in online marketing

MediaWork Digital has been in the media- and marketing-industry for 40 years. During this time, we have worked with various industries. We observed: Many companies sadly attempt to use a fragmented “one type fits all” marketing approach. But those days are over. Nowadays, customers expect personalized offers tailored to them.

That’s why we have compiled our decades of experience for specific industries and developed highly specific, industry-specific Digital Marketing Toolkits for various industries.

We can offer these at a very attractive price, either as a complete package (which makes most sense) or as individual modules of this toolkit.

Our Digital Marketing Toolkits consist of these measures and steps:

We will: 

Step 1. Develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan for your business.

Step 2. Set-Up or finetune your Client Database to make it ultimately profitable. 

Step 3. Design irresistible Offers about and around your Products and Services and send them out by SMS-, What’s App or emails to your clients where they really are!

Step 4. Design catchy industry specific content with loads of “News to use” for your clients and publish it on social media to create awareness for your business.

Step 5. Do active customer Review Management for you on platforms like eg Google My business, Yelp and  Tripadvisor & Co.

And here are some samples of our Digital Marketing Toolkits:

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What our clients say about us:

“I know Klaus, the founder of MediaWork since we opened leading German TV station ProSieben in 1991. After he left ProSieben to found MediaWork he continuously supplied very creative video content and formats for different genres. He is a very creative and reliable guy, and really fun to work with.



“MediaWork Digital’s unique blend of hospitality and media expertise was game-changing for us. Their incredibly tailored and innovative marketing plans for Severin Hotel to approach the local Kenyan market helped us a lot to reach our goals. If you’re in hospitality, they truly speak your language and understand your needs.”

Martin kolb

General Manager, Severin Hotel, Mombasa, kenya

“MediaWork Digital transformed our online presence. With over 60,000 meticulously crafted product descriptions and 250,000 expertly streamlined photos in 4 years, they’ve been key in driving our online shop’s massive growth. MediaWork Digital always delivered reliably and in almost no time.”

StepHan von KLitzing

Head of e-commerce Sport Schuster, Munich, GErmany

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