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Are you in the hospitality industry and struggling to increase bookings and revenue? Do you want to boost your profits by especially upselling to your existing clients?  …

The hospitality Industry needs database marketing

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and it is challenging to stand out from the crowd. The easiest way to do so is by utilizing your existing clients with dedicated offers, fully customized to their likes and needs. Because that its 7 times more expensive to generate a new client than upselling to an existing one, right?! Therefore give your clients priority.

How to utilize database marketing for hotels?

What? – You don’t have a proper database or your database has more holes than a Swiss cheese and therefore is hardly usable? Then let us assist you to either from the scratch set up a profitable and easy to use database or by synchronizing your existing IT systems you have in place, like your order systems, payment systems, CRM tools using modern technical solutions to pimp up your 

For restaurant owners bringing their menus in front of the right clients it needs database marketing

database for allowing you to do database marketing and send customized offers to your clients to increase your revenue. It’s not rocket science and we will not need to touch your database. But we will give you the right tools at hand. And after we have done the homework for the database we will offer you a comprehensive year-round marketing plan to increase your business,

Database Marketing is essential for the hospitality industry

driving bookings, that data-driven and proven meets your guests likes for you being able to filter and send dedicated offers to each or your clients, is it as SMS, on WhatsApp or by email. 

This marketing plan entails 140 marketing ideas we will customize for your business and they reach from content marketing, social media marketing like eg Tik Tok marketing, online and offline event marketing, email marketing to video marketing

With years of experience in hospitality, online- and offline marketing as well as in the media industry with MediaWork Digital you have the ideal cooperation partner to make the most from your existing clients and add new ones.

Happy restaurant owner after database marketing kicked in.

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