Medical Marketing

Keep permanently in touch with your patients:

Increase your profit with with pro-active Database Marketing

Do you want to take your practice, your clinic and your medical services to the next level with modern customer- and patient-orientated marketing?

Look no further, because our subsidiary company MEDTRAILS is active in the healthcare industry and will revolutionize your digital marketing game!

Our MEDTRAILS medical marketing experts have developed a comprehensive Medical Digital Marketing Toolkit for you to stay in touch with your existing patients by pro-actively make you and your clinic shine.

This Marketing toolkit with its strategies for will quickly pay off, offsetting costs with your revenue boost by itself!

The "Medical Digital Marketing-Toolkit" includes these measures:

Writing or finetuning your Marketing Plan

We will craft or finetune your custom marketing blueprint with analysis’, creative insights and a promising strategy. Find more here.

Make your database profitable!

Video marketing must be data-based and not only cute snippets.

A goldmine: We will set up a patients database or finetune the one you have, to send dedicated offers to your clients. More here.

We design & send offers to your patients

We will write your preventive care offers and send them to your patients by SMS, on What’s App, or by email. Find more here.

Posting catchy content on Social Media

We will post offers and “News to Use”-content on your social media profiles for approaching new patients. More here.

Pro-active review management

We will ask your patients to post the experiences they made with your products and services on Google My Business. More here.

Doctors and patient

Don’t delay: Call + 254 (0) 700 581020 or +49 177 204 64 72 or contacts us here for a free consultation for your Medical Digital Marketing Tookit.