Catch eyeballs with data-based digital video-marketing

Statistics prove products and services promoted by videos are selling 30% better, than without videos.

Ever felt like your brand’s voice is just whispering in a roaring crowd? Then it’s time to crank up the volume with video marketing! “Why is digital video marketing so essential?”, you ask? Let’s dive into the blockbuster reasons that make data-based video marketing the a sales improvement your brand desperately needs.

First off, imagine capturing your audience’s eyeballs and not letting go. That’s the magic of video content! It’s not just content you want to publish about your product and services; it’s an experience you want to offer to your clients, like a rollercoaster ride through your brand’s story, making viewers cling to every twist and turn.

Now, think about trust. It’s the glue that binds your customers to you. And videos? They’re like trust in HD, giving your audience a peek behind the curtain, showing them the human faces of the brand, and turning even skepticals into fans.

And let’s talk numbers now – video marketing, especially considering the newest digital video marketing trends boosts conversions like popcorn at a movie marathon. It’s the secret sauce that turns viewers into buyers, with a dash of engagement and a sprinkle of SEO benefits, making your brand the star of Google’s red carpet.

No doubt: Video is a critical puzzle stone of many successful marketing strategies. But is it being used to its full potential? This question the reputable Content Marketing Institute was set out to be answered in a 2022 survey. 

The answer given by brands is: NO

Only 12% of content marketers say their organization uses existing videos to their FULL potential. Nearly a quarter (22%) say they have a long way to go before they can do that. Read here why!

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Video Marketing and database marketing is what MediaWork Digital offers to do for every budget

Content is king, but video is its kingdom!

Your competitors are already channeling their inner Spielbergs, crafting video content that elevates their brand. Don’t let your brand be the one that time forgot.

So, what’s the scene? Are you ready to be the director of your brand’s success story? Let’s roll the cameras and make your brand the blockbuster it’s meant to be.

We create compelling narratives in video form for any kind of target groups that not only captivate, but convert

Like an alchemist, we transform your digital challenges into pure gold opportunities. With our comprehensive range of video marketing services, we are not just another digital agency. We’re your end-to-end solution.

Video marketing must be data-based and not only cute snippets.

What makes our marketing special? We will base all our digital marketing services on your brand’s clients data. If you are not 100% sure that you are already utilizing your data best, allow us to assist you to set up or improve your database! 

It’s ultimately worth while: Scientific surveys show, that making best use of your client’s data will increase sales by 27%. That goes on top of products selling better by 30% with videos. We will make sure, to develop strategies that will reach your clients and their needs individually.

We don’t just do whatever kind of digital marketing but meticulously craft data-driven marketing campaigns based on your clients data, ensuring that your clients are approached individually according to their likes and needs, so that every cent spent is an investment in your brand’s ascent. Partner with MediaWork Digital and let’s craft the future of your brand’s success together by top notch database marketing.

Video Marketing Statistics and Insights:

A wide range of businesses utilize videos to build trust with users, leading to a significant increase in sales conversion rates. Video marketing has led to a 12% leap in sales conversion rates, with 89% of video marketers confirming that video provides a good return on investment (ROI). Find here a whole bunch of super-interesting figures on the importance of video marketing. 

Our Video Expertise

Besides for TV broadcast there are several industries we in the past almost 40 years where working in terms of video marketing and content marketing successfully.

One of these industries is the Hospitality Industry. Here, everything revolves around the perfect customer experience. Our data-based and data-driven Hospitality Marketing strategies combined with our video expertise ensure your hotel, restaurant, or club remains top-of-mind and top-of-choice. With our innovative approach, we create unforgettable narratives that capture the essence of your brand, making every guest’s journey an enchanting story they yearn to revisit and share.

At MediaWork Digital, we furthermore prescribe clinics and doctors tailored Marketing Solutions for the Medical Industry. Understanding the unique challenges and sensitivities of healthcare, our team passionately crafts strategies that resonate with the hearts and minds of your patients. We blend expertise with empathy, ensuring that your message not only reaches but also deeply connects with those in need of your care. Trust us to elevate your medical practice into a beacon of hope and excellence, transforming how the world sees and experiences your vital services.

For corporate brand awareness our handwriting ranges from creative art to practicalism. Here is a creative presentation video of Kinowelt Medien AG, a leading movie distributor in Germany. We found a very talented graffiti sprayer who in a studio sprayed scenes of huge blockbusters Kinowelt back then was having in their portfolio one by one onto a huge canvas. In the end, a monster portrait of 6 x 3m was designed. The video was played as an intro trailer in cinemas. 

For all our other videos, check through this link.

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Digital Marketing statistics 2024

Digital marketimg statistics

Video Marketing

  1. Consumer Preference for Video Content: “54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (source: HubSpot, HubSpot State of Marketing Report)” – HubSpot’s annual marketing report often contains valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.
  2. Video Marketing ROI: “Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (source: Aberdeen Group, Aberdeen Group Research Study)” – Research studies by firms like Aberdeen Group can offer empirical evidence to support claims about the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

  3. Impact of Video on Purchase Decision: “64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video (source: Forbes, Forbes Insights)” – Forbes Insights and similar publications conduct and report research that can substantiate the influence of video on consumer decisions.

Database Marketing

  • Customer Segmentation Efficiency: Reports might show that businesses utilizing advanced database marketing techniques see a 30% higher efficiency in customer segmentation, leading to more personalized marketing campaigns.

Hospitality Marketing

  • Impact of Online Reviews: Statistics might indicate that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, highlighting the importance of reputation management in hospitality marketing.

Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing Adoption: A Statista report might reveal that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing as a key part of their marketing strategy, emphasizing the ubiquity of content marketing across industries.

Medical Marketing

  • Patient Engagement through Social Media: Statistics could reveal that 60% of patients say social media affects their choice of a healthcare provider, illustrating the impact of social media marketing in the medical field.

Mediawork team expertise

Klaus Wilken

Founder MediaWork Digital - Video Marketing - Health Marketing

Meet Our Manager:

MediaWork Digital is spearheaded by Klaus Wilken, a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience in the TV industry.

Klaus’s extensive background includes leading roles in content production and digital media strategy, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to innovation in video marketing.

Supported by a highly experienced team, MediaWork Digital leverages deep industry insights to help brands achieve their marketing goals.

Expertise of our team:

Our team at MediaWork Digital brings together diverse talents with a shared passion for excellence in video marketing, database marketing, hospitality marketing, content marketing and medical marketing. With expertise spanning from digital strategy to content creation, our professional team have contributed to numerous successful campaigns, embodying our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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“I know Klaus, the founder of MediaWork since we opened leading German TV station ProSieben in 1991. After he left ProSieben to found MediaWork he continuously supplied very creative video content and formats for different genres. He is a very creative and reliable guy, and really fun to work with.



“MediaWork Digital’s unique blend of hospitality and media expertise was game-changing for us. Their incredibly tailored and innovative marketing plans for Severin Hotel to approach the local Kenyan market helped us a lot to reach our goals. If you’re in hospitality, they truly speak your language and understand your needs.”

Martin kolb

General Manager, Severin Hotel, Mombasa, kenya

“MediaWork Digital transformed our online presence. With over 60,000 meticulously crafted product descriptions and 250,000 expertly streamlined photos in 4 years, they’ve been key in driving our online shop’s massive growth. MediaWork Digital always delivered reliably and in almost no time.”

StepHan von KLitzing

Head of e-commerce Sport Schuster, Munich, GErmany

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