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This is what we would do for you:

Get your toolkit for your industry that covers it all

Step 1:

Customized marketing plan with proven ROI strategies

We will craft or finetune your marketing plan to meet the unique needs of our target group. Each plan is meticulously designed to ensure maximum engagement and ROI. 

Key components include market research to understand the competitive landscape, target group analysis, strategic planning for both digital and traditional channels, and budget allocation to optimize resource utilization. 

We integrate content marketing, social media campaigns, and performance metrics to measure success. Our approach ensures that every facet of your marketing effort is synchronized and aligned with your business objectives.

1. Together with you we will finetune the companies objectives

2. We do a clients analysis

3. We do a competitor analysis

4. We do a market analysis

5. We do a SWOT Analysis

6. We suggest a Marketing Strategy and Tactics

7. We will implement and control the marketing plan

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Step 2:

Database Marketing: You're sitting on an undiscovered gold mine!

Is your customer data scattered around like confetti at a wedding? 

How about finally to take full advantage of your customer database?

Imagine having a database that is so flawless and fine-tuned that it feels like you have a crystal ball in your customers’ heads. 

No more gaps, no more blind spots – just pure, unadulterated insights into what makes your customers tick.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a database or your database just needs a fine-tuning, we have the tools and the real magic to make it happen.

Option 1: Setting up a database from scratch:

1. We propose a database architecture that you can work with.

2. We import your existing data

3. We fill the database permanently with new content

4. The database is tested.

5. We train your team

Option 2: Fine-tuning of existing database

1. We analyze your database for potential improvements

2. We develop a customized optimization strategy

3. We cleanse and enrich your existing data

4. We provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services

5. We train your team

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Step 3:

Developing compelling offers is akin to painting a piece of art.

A couple viewing content on a phone, reflecting Mediawork Digital's target audience research

Tired of throwing darts blindfolded when it comes to your offers?

We get it – it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack while juggling flaming torches.

We’re happy to support you with offerings that shine brighter than a supernova.

Constructing captivating offers blends creativity with strategic thinking.

With our personalized offer management, you’ll always hit the mark of your clients. 

Ready to delight your customers and increase your profits? 

1. We will have a look at your clients database

2. We look at your products.

3. We look how you are currently present your products and services.

4. With the database information about your clients we develop irresistible offers.

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Boost your brand visibility with daily social media content!

To acquire new customers and maintain existing ones, we create sales-promoting, gripping content in text, audio and video form that fits your industry and publish it on your website and all your social media platforms. If your online platforms require graphic fine-tuning, we can of course do this too. Elevate your brand’s digital presence and captivate your clients with our expertly crafted, sales-promoting content that resonates with both new and existing customers.

At MediaWork Digital, we understand the power of industry specific tailored compelling texts, engaging audios, and dynamic video content that’s designed to echo your brand’s voice and values.


1. Analyze audience trends for targeted content creation.

2. Craft engaging posts tailored to brand voice.

3. Schedule daily updates for consistent presence.

4. Utilize SEO-rich keywords in all content.

5. Incorporate multimedia elements to boost engagement.

6. Monitor and adjust based on analytics feedback.

7. Amplify reach through strategic hashtag use.

8. Engage actively with comments and shares.

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Step 5:

Pro-active customer review management

People often trust the opinions of other people. Especially on the internet.

Therefore, with our pro-active review management on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp or Tripadvisor Account we will actively encourage your customers to share their experiences with your products and services on review platforms that are important to you.

Many customers often don’t have the time or the words for reviews.

Therefore, this important measure requires a proactive approach where we contact your customers directly and ask for reviews.

1. We will finetune all details about your business

2. We optimize your account using local SEO keywords.

3. Professional-quality photos will be updated regularly.

4. We actively ask customers to leave reviews.

5. Clients get direct links to your Google My Business page.

6. We monitor reviews and quickly respond.

7. Analysis allows to identify areas for improvement.

8. We post regular updates on offers and events.

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