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With our Career Building Academy, we help you excel in your professional journey and achieve your career goals by offering comprehensive training and guidance.

They say the FUTURE belongs to those who prepare for it TODAY.

And what better way to prepare for the future than by investing into your career?

Look no further, because MediaWork Digital has developed the “Career Building Academy” and a “Self Employment Workshop” for you! Our online Career Building Academy is a course that provides you with all important insights into the most promising industries for the coming 30 years. We’ve done extensive research and analysis to identify the trends and technologies that will shape the future of work.

We’ll give you a glimpse into the careers that are in high demand and that will offer the most growth opportunities in the years to come.

Primary school students and their parents, we will help to explore and understand the real interests and strengths of the kid by asking you to do an aptitude test and from there we introduce you to our huge database of promising professions according to your real passion.

We will explain what to pay attention to choosing the right schools in future and how to finance the educational process best.

We will help you to decide which promising industries to consider for your future career and which high school courses or side courses to attend to later be able to apply for university courses leading to those professions in those promising industries. We then offer you guidance on choosing the right university, college, or vocational courses. And we furthermore show you where to find scholarships, and how to best to apply for them and in-time.

University is a crucial time to develop the skills and experience needed for a successful career. Our course offers advice for a smooth study, on how to SAVE money and how to MAKE money during studies – and building your strong personal brand. 

We also provide guidance on job searching for after graduation, writing successful resumes coach you on gaining interview skills, and how to negotiate your salaries best.

Our comprehensive online course comes at a very much affordable price and is divided into different categories, each one targeting a specific audience and provides all the tools and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your career path.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future! So, don’t waste any time and book your course at a very much affordable price at the Career Building Academy right now here.


How to build a career you won’t hate

Write down your current “career traps.”

In my work, I often come across people who are clearly trapped in their jobs. They know something’s not working for them but struggle to pinpoint what that is or why it’s so. I call these situations “career traps,” or patterns of thinking and behaving that we practice because they are familiar to us — even though they can negatively impact our productivity and effectiveness and lead to poor health as well as feelings of isolation.

Define your purpose.

Your purpose is your “why” —  the reason you do what you do. For some of us, it may be to lead a happy and healthy life.

Document your unique skills and create your selling statement.

Say you want to get a job that will stretch you and it aligns with your purpose of always learning

Seize opportunities to expand yourself.

Lastly, make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. This doesn’t mean you need to say yes to every opportunity. It means you need to be strategic and consider how the opportunity aligns with your purpose, goals, current skills, and the skills you need to build to get to where you want to go.


Our career planning guidelines:

Step 1: Discover Career Possibilities

  • Use career assessment tools to explore various fields.
  • Learn about job titles, skills, education requirements, and personal attributes needed in different fields.
  • This information helps career counselors suggest suitable majors, jobs, and careers based on your interests and skills.
  • The goal is to identify a few options to discuss with a career counselor.

Step 2: Research Fields

  • Meet professionals in fields of interest to gain insights into their jobs.
  • Building a professional network starts here.
  • Gather information through informational interviews and research in the Career Center.

Step 3: Define Your Job Target

  • After exploring options, decide on a specific industry, job, and possibly a location to pursue.
  • Your job target can evolve as you gain experience and self-awareness.

Step 4: Enhance Your Credentials and Resume

  • Continuously improve your credentials and resume to increase your chances of securing interviews and job offers.
  • Ways to do this include internships, relevant classes and seminars, reading industry-related materials, and joining professional associations.
  • Upload your resume on for employers to view
Personal career planning

Step 5: Prepare for Your Job Search

  • Research companies and organizations you want to work for.
  • Utilize personal connections and resources like the Career Center.
  • Develop strategies beyond simply responding to job advertisements.
  • Create a job search binder to track activities and information.
  • Learn about interviewing and salary negotiation.
  • Stand out from the competition and start your job search early.

Step 6: Begin Your Job Search

  • Write a targeted resume to highlight your skills for specific employers.
  • Allocate time for making calls, writing cover letters, conducting interviews, and research.
  • Be creative in your approaches and focus on standing out.
  • Regularly update your resume with new skills and experiences.

Laying your career groundwork

Start early and invest in your career development journey with “Our Career Building Academy.” We understand that career development is crucial at every stage of your academic journey, not just upon graduation. Our academy empowers you to embark on this journey early, providing you with the tools and guidance needed to succeed.

Get to know yourself better. Our academy encourages you to explore your interests and skills, helping you discover how they align with various career paths. This self-awareness will enable you to effectively communicate your unique value to potential employers.

Remember, your major doesn’t define your career. At “Our Career Building Academy,” we emphasize that all fields of study cultivate a diverse skill set that can be applied to various occupations. We help you leverage these skills to your advantage.


Plan for the future, but stay adaptable. Long-term career planning can seem overwhelming. Instead, focus on what knowledge and skills you want to acquire in the next year or two. Our academy encourages you to remain open to new opportunities and experiences that may arise along your journey.

Fear not the possibility of changing your path. Career development is an ongoing, flexible process that accommodates shifts in your interests and the job market. With “Our Career Building Academy,” you’ll learn that no career decision is set in stone, providing you with the confidence to make changes as needed. Start early, explore, adapt, and succeed with us!

Why is it important to build a career?

A successful career means something different to everyone. For many, a successful career combines financial stability with their passions or something they enjoy. It’s important that there is a good balance between these two factors to achieve happiness.

Some people know exactly what they want, while others struggle to figure it out. This is completely normal, and the key to understanding what a successful career means to you includes a degree of introspection. You can’t rely on others to determine your career or tell you when you’re successful. This is something that is personal and unique to every individual.


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