2nd hand but new Luxury Safari Tents for sale

On offer are 6 extraordinary luxury safari tents which were meant for the expansion of “Mara Timbo Camp” in Masai Mara.

5 tents were NEVER used and never set up.

1 tent was used.

Find a slide- show to see the tents set up:

from Timecode 0.47 min

from Timecode 3:14 min

All tents are the same and have

– a spacious master bedroom of 6 x 6m
(18 x 18 feet), which can easily host a king
size bed, an additional single bed, plus
2 big shelves, a trunk, and an office table


– an attached exclusive bathroom area in a right angle to the master bedroom of 3 x 3m (9 x 9 feet)

Of course the tents we are selling are empty and not furnished. The photos are to give you an example how they could be furnished.

Original manufacturer: East African Canvas, Nairobi.
The tents are made of original sand colored warm real canvas, not rip stock material.

Our Special Price

2500 USD per tent for the unused tents – 2200 USD/tent if someone takes all 5 unused tents.

1600 USD for the used tent.

This is what you will love: We had designed one of our tents as a Family Tent with a second, from the master bedroom separated room for eg children. Both rooms then have independently access to the bathroom and their own exits. Every tent could easily be modified by a tent-tailor by just adding 2 canvas sheets.

We were very much praised by parents with kids for this family tent version of our tents, which allows parents to enjoy their privacy in a “luxury honeymoon situation”:

You can put one or two single beds in there or you can even put 1 or 2 double-deckers in there to suit even bigger families or friends.

And here are some more impressions, how beautiful and luxurious the tents look like when set up. As you can imagine we have plenty of more photos.


The tents have no flysheets because we hung them under a grass thatched roof. As you will know, of course you can hang them under any stable steel-construction with a fly sheet or whatever kind of roof you prefer.

As you can see in the photos, we had our tents set up on a 10 x 11m (33 x 39 feet) concrete platform, with nice furniture and cozy carpets inside. Meaning: our tents don’t have any floor. So, you are perfectly free for your likes and needs concerning the floor.

This is what our timber construction for grass or makuti-roofing was looking like.

If you don’t want a metal hanging solution, you just need a stable center beam, strong enough to hold the quite heavy tent so that the sides can be stretched out nicely and being fixed to the ground to the concrete.

Here are the exact tent measurements
(the CAD sketches were done by East African Canvas):

If interested, we have prepared how the process of viewing could be organized in Nairobi. The tents now are packed and need to be set up like this:

At some point you might want to see a tent hanging, which takes quite some efforts and some helping hands as you see on the photos above. Such holding-facilities to hang big tents must be booked at a manufacturer. Thanks for your understanding in advance that we love to present the tents, to seriously interested people.

If interested kindly contact me, Klaus Wilken, +254 700 58 10 20 or

Happy to hear from you and to answer all your questions.

Kind regards

Klaus Wilken
Former owner Mara Timbo Camp